Friday, August 2, 2013

Older command line utilities to check the health of Active Directory

Some of the command line utilities below go back to 2003 Server, but still work in a 2008 R2 environment.  The first command is nltest.  To list the existing domain controllers for a domain, use the command:

nltest /dclist:domain name

The following switch will return a list of domain controllers and the corresponding IP addresses.

The netdom command can return a list of which server has what role within Active Directory.

netdom query fsmo

The command below should return replication information when executed on a domain controller.

repadmin /showrepl

The dcdiag command will return several parameters when executed on a domain controller.  Individual tests can also be performed.  For example, the command below just tests for DNS issues.

dcdiag /test:dns

If you change the IP address of a domain controller, this command will update the DNS Service Principal Name (SPN) records.

dcdiag /fix

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