Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Taking notes in OneNote with your Voice

An option is available to create a voice message within OneNote on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.  With Windows Phone 8.1:

1. Tape the search button or the Cortana Live Tile.

2. Say or type “NOTE” followed by the note you wish to take.

The voice recording should be saved to your OneNote data store.



Test exploit executable from MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes has created an executable that can simulate an exploit behavior in order to verify the company’s Anti-Exploit utility is working. The utility only has two buttons:  Normal and Exploit. The Normal button will open the Windows Calculator (calc.exe) using normal system calls which are typically used when users are trying to open the Calculator. The Exploit button will attempt to open the Windows Calculator using system calls which are typically used by exploits to launch their payloads.



Xjperf is a graphical frontend for IPERF written in Java.


Expansys is a web site that offers unlocked cell phones as well as other items such as tablets.

Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool

The Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool is a command-line utility that analyzes user profiles and CIFS shares used by Persona Management to ensure minimum security requirements are met. Persona depends on two CIFS shares to function: the central profile store and the redirected folder share. If the permissions on these CIFS shares fail to meet minimum requirements, then Persona Management will not function correctly. Therefore, this tool has been created to analyze the settings and permissions on the specified CIFS share or profile, identify any incorrect settings or permissions, and suggest steps to correct any issues found.


Threatglass is a web site by Barracuda Labs that offers examples of web-based malware that includes some network packet capture.

Certificate Manager for vCenter Server Appliance 5.5

Certificate Manager for vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 is a fling that is a graphical user interface (GUI) application to replace digital certificates on the vCenter Server Appliance.  Easily deploy by selecting the components that need digital certificates replaced. This Fling works with vCenter Server Appliance 5.5

Documentation PowerShell Script for Active Directory

An individual has created several PowerShell scripts for documentation, such as with Active Directory.  The output can be in several formats.  Below is an example of creating a .PDF report for Active Directory.

.\ADDS_Inventory_v1.1.ps1 -PDF -Hardware -ADForest test.local -Hardware -Services -UserName "administrator" -CompanyName "test" –Verbose


PCAP2XML is a tool suite which takes 802.11 PCAP trace files as input and can convert them into XML or SQLITE representations.

The SQLite Browser can be used to view the output of the PCAP2XML utility.


JustWatch is a streaming search engine that includes Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, etc.


Pentoo is a Gentoo-based penetrating testing Linux LiveCD.


SexiLog is a free pre-configured ELK log management virtual appliance designed for vSphere environments. It delivers log analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities.  The product is easy to use and to deploy via an OVA download.