Sunday, February 3, 2013

Links for several services to check for additional access

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, and other web services can be accessed by various applications and other services. Below are some links that can verify what external services have been configured to allow access.

Google –>

Facebook –> 

Microsoft’s Live –>

Dropbox –>

Twitter –>

The site contains links for several different services not listed above.

Services for transferring large files

Below are a list of services for transferring large files.


Freebooksifter is a web site that lists available free book titles from Amazon.


Topera is a IPv6 port scanner.  One claim is scans are not detected by Snort.

Scheduled scan with Defender within Windows 8

The Security Essentials application that is available for Windows 7 includes an option within the GUI to modify the default scheduled scan.


The Windows Defender that is included within Windows 8 has a similar interface, but the scheduled task option is not present.


The scheduled task entries for the application has moved to the standard Scheduled Tasks interface.


A new scheduled task can be created if needed by using the command line switches that are available.


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hurl is a web site that allows HTTP requests.  If you’re making a PUT or POST request, you can add standard key/value parameters as well as paste in post body data. For all types of requests, you can also add custom HTTP headers.

Troubleshooting Utility for Windows Store Apps

Microsoft has released a utility to assist in troubleshooting issues with Windows Store applications.  Access the link below and execute the file in question.


How to use PowerShell to create a Group Policy report with Windows Server 2008 R2

To create a report of all existing Group Policy entries, launch the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell on a domain controller.  Enter the following commands:

Import-Module GroupPolicy

Get-GPOReport –All –ReportType HTML –Path C:\gpreport.html