Saturday, February 6, 2010

EASEUS Partition Utility

EASEUS Magic Partition Manager Software is a free partition utility for home use.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nslookup Information

The Nslookup command can be used to troubleshoot DNS issues.

The server parameter can specify another DNS server.


The set type= parameter can specify different DNS record types.


Enter an IP address to determine the host name.


Examples of sites that allow performing a DNS query online would be:

Firewall testing sites

The sites below attempt to check a local firewall’s configuration.

Windows 7 Library Tool

This application allows an individual to add NAS locations to Windows 7 Libraries.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thumbcache files with Vista and Windows 7

Vista and Windows 7 creates small thumbnail images of graphic files, and these are stored in the following path:



Currently one application claims to have the ability to view the contents of these files.

Determine battery health with Windows 7

Windows 7 includes an utility to offer details concerning a battery with a laptop.  Verify that your battery is connected.  Open a command prompt with administrative authority and enter:

powercfg –energy –output filepath\report.html


Within the report.html file, a section should be present that contains details about the battery.


The laptop above was new, so the capacity and last full charge values are the same. 

Ad Blocking Plug-in for Internet Explorer

This plug-in adds an ad-blocking component to Internet Explorer.

Using netstat to determine listening ports

The netstat command can be used to determine listening ports with different operating systems.  The command for Windows would be:

netstat –na | find /i “Listening”


Newer versions of Windows include a –b parameter to determine executables:


The syntax is similar with Linux:

netstat –na | grep –i listen


With the Windows platform, a nice utility for determining listening ports is CurrPorts found at

PDF Print Queue Software

The software applications below add a print queue to Windows to allow the creation of PDF files.

Disk Change Monitoring Software

Below are two applications that can monitor disk changes within Windows.


Winmerge is a free application that can compare two files or folders.

DVD Flick

DVD Flick is a free DVD Authoring tool.


This web site checks what information is being provided by a web browser.