Friday, June 1, 2018

Manage startup entries with Windows 10 version 1803

Starting with Windows 10 version 1803, a new option is available under Settings to manage startup entries.  Access Settings –> Apps –> Startup.


OpenSSH included within Windows 10 version 1803

Starting with version 1803, Windows 10 includes an OpenSSH command line utility.  Some other utilities are available as well under the path Windows\System32\OpenSSH.



Disable Timeline within Windows 10 version 1803

With the Windows 10 April 1803 release, a new feature named Timeline was introduced.  To disable this component, access the Settings menu and select Privacy.  Under the Activity History section, disable “Let Windows collect my activities from this PC”.  Also verify that the second option of “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud” is disabled as well.


Chrome Cleanup URL

Google Chrome includes a “software_reporter_tool.exe” application created by ESET to periodically scan for unwanted software on the Windows platform.  If you wish to manually execute a scan, use the URL:


Once the page is displayed, click on the Find link.




More details can be found below.

Hidden SSID with a Roku device

When scanning a local Wi-Fi network, hidden SSID entries may be listed.  One potential source of such traffic is a Roku device.  To disable this traffic, use the menu path below.

Go to home



Advanced system settings

Device connect

Disable Device connect

Keyboard combination to restart graphic drivers within Windows

To restart the graphic driver within Windows, use the following keyboard combination.  The screen should go blank for a few seconds and a beep sound should be produced.  This combination is valid for Windows 8 and 10.



ProtonMail is an email service based in Switzerland.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA)

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) is an utility to troubleshoot Outlook and Office 365 connectivity issues.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Disable SSDP traffic within Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome sends SSDP network broadcast traffic on the local subnet.

MAN: "ssdp:discover"
MX: 1
ST: urn:dial-multiscreen-org:service:dial:1
USER-AGENT: Google Chrome/65.0.3325.162 Windows

To disable the media router feature, launch Chrome and enter chrome://flags/

Search for “media router” and disable the feature.


How to disable auto-playing videos within Chrome

To disable the auto-playing of videos within Chrome, enter the following URL:


Use the dropdown to choose “Document user activation required” and restart the browser.