Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to opt out of interest-based ads from the iAd network

Apple and its partners use cookies and other technologies in mobile advertising services to control the number of times you see a given ad, deliver ads that relate to your interests, and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. If you do not want to receive ads with this level of relevance on your mobile device, you can opt out by accessing the following link on your iOS 4 mobile device: The message "You have successfully opted out" will appear and you will be automatically opted out of interest-based ads.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular access to each machine such as automated check-in systems and data centers. It is similar to the built-in MMC Remote Desktops snap-in, but more flexible.  This was an internal tool at Microsoft but has been released to the public.

PowerShell commands to query hardware

Below are some PowerShell commands to query hardware.

gwmi win32_baseboard

gwmi win32_processor

gwmi win32_battery | select est*

Get-WmiObject -class MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus -NameSpace root\WMI | Select Active, PredictFailure



Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools is a software package for Windows users with dual or multiple monitor setups.

All the tools are open source and free, and each tools is independent so you only need to install or run what you want.


Snorby is a new and modern Snort IDS front-end. The basic fundamental concepts behind Snorby are simplicity and power. The project goal is to create a free, open source and highly competitive application for network monitoring for both private and enterprise use.


WinToFlash is a software for transfer your Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7 setup from CD or DVD to USB. This is about you can install your Windows from flash drive, USB pen, HDD, etc to your computer or netbook.