Friday, December 4, 2009

Create a system backup within Windows 7

Windows 7 (and Vista) have an option to create a system image backup.  Click on the Start Menu and type “backup” in the search dialog box.  Select the Backup and Restore menu item.


Click on the “Create a system image” option.


It is easier to create a system image using an external USB hard drive.  If you have one connected, select the device under the hard drive drop-down box.  Click on the Next button once a selection has been made.


Once selected, click on the “Start backup” button.


A dialog box should appear displaying progress of the backup.


A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to create a System Repair disc.  You can create one now or later.


Once a decision has been made concerning the System Repair disc, the final dialog box should be displayed.


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