Monday, April 1, 2024

Disable the Adaptive Connectivity component within Android

The Adaptive Connectivity feature within Android is intended to extend battery life and improve device performance by automatically switching between 4G and 5G for the best experience. To disable this component, access Settings -> "Network & Internet" -> "Adaptive Connectivity".

Multi-Paste within ChromeOS

ChromeOS has a feature named Multi-Paste, which allows the last five items sent to the Clipboard to be available.  Below is the keyboard combination to access this option.

Search(Everything) Key + V


The WhyNotWinAI checks the local processor to determine compatibility with the upcoming Windows 11 build.


WayDroid is a container-based tool that allows for launching a complete Android system within the Linux desktop.

Dr. Parted Live

Dr.Parted Live is a bootable GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian testing.  It contains Apart GUI that is a front end to the Partclone command line utility and is capable of bare-metal backup and recovery of disk partitions.

Site with Windows investigation scripts

The site below includes various PowerShell scripts for an investigation with a Windows client.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Projectivy Launcher

Projectivy Launcher is an alternative interface for Android TV or Google TV.

This launcher can also be used with Amazon Firesticks as well.  But it cannot be set as the default.

Adskipper browser extension

 Adskipper is an extension that skips ads instead of blocking.


Verge.IO is a virtualization platform based on QEMU/KVM hypervisor that supports both Linux and Windows guests.


SpeedyTest is a command-line utility for measuring Internet speed.