Monday, August 1, 2022

Use the command line to determine the number of memory slots with Windows

To determine the number of memory slots with Windows, launch an elevated command prompt and enter the following commands:

wmic Memphysical get MaxCapacity, MemoryDevices

wmic MemoryChip get BankLabel, DeviceLocator, Capacity

To find similar information via PowerShell, use the following commands within an elevated session.

Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_PhysicalMemoryArray"

Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_PhysicalMemory" | Format-Table BankLabel


SilentHound is an utility that quietly enumerates an Active Directory Domain Via LDAP.

ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex is an offering that allows an USB drive to be created to install ChromeOS on various types of computers.  A certified list of supported hardware is available via the link below.


Breath lets you to run a full Linux distro on an Intel Chromebook without needing to flash custom firmware, replace the boot loader, or even wipe ChromeOS.  Breath is not a distro itself but a script that builds a Linux distro image that is copied to an USB drive to boot from.


BTOP is resource monitor for Linux/BSD platforms.

3D Pinball

The original Microsoft 3D Pinball game has been ported to several platforms.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Minicom for Linux

Minicom is a text-based serial port communications program. It is used to communicate with external RS-232 devices via serial console ports.

To install the application within Linux Mint, use the following command:

sudo apt install minicom

Once the console cable is connected, use the following command:

dmesg | grep tty

The output should include the tty path being used.

Use the following command to configure minicom:

sudo minicom -s

When testing with a Cisco switch, the following settings were required:

Serial Device -> /dev/ttyUSB0
Serial port setup -> 9600 8 1 none
Hardware Flow Control -> Off

vSphere Diagnostic Tool

vSphere Diagnostic Tool is a python script that runs diagnostic commands on the vCenter Server Photon Appliance to return useful troubleshooting data.

AutoPWN Suite

AutoPWN Suite is a project for scanning vulnerabilities and exploiting systems automatically.


BeaKer combines Microsoft Sysmon, WinLogBeat, Elasticsearch, and Kibana to provide insights into network traffic.